• About Lorstan University of Medical Sciences


       Lorestan  University of Medical Sciences  and Health  Services  was founded  in 1989  in  accordance  with  the substantial  agreement   reached  through  the  Council  of  Medical Sciences  Universities  and  has  been  training  students  in Medical  Sciences  and  providing  health  services. Different  educational  courses  presented  in this  university  are taught  by  competent  professors  and  physicians.


      Numerous sections of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences  and Health  Services  which  ranks  among  the first – rate  universities  of  the Middle East  in terms  of  educational  quality and  quantity  are scattered  in a vast  geographical  realm in Lorestan  (a province  located in Western  Iran ) .


      Students  are graduated from this university after receiving different degrees including associates degree, BS, MS, and MD. The quality of training in this center is so excellent that its graduates are employed immediately in scientific and health organizations and engaged in serving the society.

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