• About the School
      The History of the School of Medicine (LUMS)
      The School of Medicine was established in 1991. The first group of students enrolled in 1992 to
      study in the field of medicine. Laboratory sciences was the second field of study inaugurated in
      1993. The students would study at an undergraduate level (for associate’s degree). However,
      laboratory sciences was promoted to the graduate level (bachelor’s degree) in 2008. The
      integration of basic sciences courses in the field of medicine was carried out in the same year.
      The admission of students in medicine was extended to include both semesters (in October and
      February) in 2009. Furthermore, a specified number of students have been admitted every year,
      since 2014, to study medicine as fee-paying students. Moreover, the School of Medicine has
      recently managed to inaugurate the fields of biochemistry, anatomy, parasitology, physiology,
      immunology, biotechnology and virology at postgraduate level. The residency programs in
      internal medicines, pediatrics, anesthesiology and general surgery have also been added to the
      medical courses offered by this school.

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