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      Farzan Farzanarza

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      Department of anesthesiology, Shohadaye Ashayer Hospital, Khoramabad, Lorestan,Iran
      Educational background :

      Medical Education: Tehran University of medical Sience from 1987 to 1994

      Specialist Education (anesthesiology education):  Tehran University of medical sienc from1994 to 1998


      Work experiences :


      General Anesthesia

       Anesthesia in the field of orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and etc

      Top Manager in the field of health, education, research

      Hospital Head

      General manager of treatment

      Specialities and Proficiencies :




      Research interests :


      Herbal Medicine

      Weekly plan :
        8 - 10 o clock 10 -12 2-4    
      Saturday  Anesthesia in operation room   Anesthesia in operation room  Anesthesia in operation room    
      Sunday  Morning Report  Round (with residents)  Round (with Medical Students)    
      Monday Anesthesia in operation room  Anesthesia in operation room  Anesthesia in operation room    
      Tuesday  Morning Report  Round (with residents)  Round (with Medical Students)    
      Wednesday  Anesthesia in operation room  Anesthesia in operation room  Anesthesia in operation room    
      Thursday  Journal Club  Round (with residents) Round (with Medical Students)    


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