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      Khorramabad Shahid Rahimi and Madani Hospital
      Educational background :
      General Doctor                            shiraz University of Medical Sciences              1362-1369
      Children's Specialist Doctorate     Tehran University of Medical sciences            1371-1374 
                           Subspecialty in allergy and clinical immunology  Tehran University of Medical Sciences       1395-1398
      Work experiences :

       Director of the children's group   84 to 93

      Vice Chancellor for Research,81 to 83
      Member of the University Research Council 79-86
         Member of the research council of the faculty 78 to 86
      Members of Khorramabad Medical System Election Monitoring 79
      Member of the University Evaluation Council 81
      Member of the Executive Committee of the Strategic Plan of the Research Deputy 81 to 83
      Member of University Strategic Committee 81-83
      Member of University Student Council 82-84
      Member of the Occupational Education Needs Assessment Committee 82-90
      Member of the Scientific Selection Committee of the faculty applicants 83-92
      Member of the Ethics Committee in Research 82-92
      Member of the Compilation and Translation Committee of the University 82-93
      Written Board Member 88-93
      Member of the Crisis Committee 84-93
      Member of the Food, Drug and Treatment Committee of the hospital, 1995-83
      Adviser to the Vice Chancellor for Health, University of Medical Sciences, 1988-84
      Member of the Faculty Promotion Committee 84-93
      Member of Medical Education Development Council 85-94
      Member of the Internal Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of the hospital 87-95
      Member of Hospital Mortality Committee 86-95
      Permanent member of the Committee for Promoting the Health of Mothers and Newborns 86-93
      Member of the provincial child mortality committee 85-95
      The main member of the primary disciplinary board of the faculty members 87-92
      Member of the internal evaluation process 88-92
      Contract Renewal Council 87-93
      Implementation Committee of Basic Medical Standards 87-93
      Specialized Committee for Functional Integration and Responsive Training 90-93
      Member of the editorial board of the medical system 93-95
      Member of the Research Council of Civil Hospital 90-95
      Clinical physician and academic advisor of the University Genetic Diseases Program 92-95
      Deputy Physician of Khorramabad Pediatric Development Program 92-95
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