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      First Name :
      Dr Fatemeh
      Last Name :

      college :

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      Address :
      Asali Hospital
      Educational background :

                                                                                                                                                                   1988:Diploma of Mathematics,Bentolhoda sadr high school, khorramabad,Iran

      1993: Bachelor of Midwifery,Faculty of Midwifery Esfahan University of Medical Sciences

      1998: Master of Midwifery Education , Faculty of Midwifery Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

      2015: PhD Reproductive Health, Faculty of Reproductive Health ,Tehran University of Medical Sciences

      2020:Bachelor of English Language Translation,Lorestan University,Khorramabad Iran  

      Work experiences :
      • Academic member,Department Medicine & Midwifery ,Lorestan University of Medical Sciences2001-Present.
      • Head of Lorestan University Jihad Infertility Center,2020-Present
      • Member of the board of the medical system, Khorramabad,IRAN,2020-Present


      Specialities and Proficiencies :

      PhD Reproductive Health

      English Translator

      Research interests :

      Clinical Research in Reproductive Health & Gynecology

      Weekly plan :
        8 - 10
      10 -12 2-4    
      Saturday Asali Hospital        
      Sunday Asali Hospital        
      Monday Asali Hospital        
      Tuesday Asali Hospital        
      Wednesday Asali Hospital        
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