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      khorramabad mather square maryam street number 41
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       Member of the Commission for the Review of Doctors' Prescriptions


      Member of Khorramabad Medical Council 93-95
                   Member of the Tobectomy committe khoramabad 92 -95
          Member of the faculty of the University of Medical Sciences since 2013
      (IJSRDMS )Editor member of International Journal of Scientific Research in Dentistry and Medical Sciences
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       - A prospective evaluation of the clinical aspects.microbiology.epidemiology. And outcome of bacteremia in hospitalized patiientin nemazee Hospital. The 3th Iranian congress of clinical microbiology.oct 2009

      2- Serum procalcitonine level and other biological markers

      in children with bacterial or non bacterial meningitis. 7th international Iranian congress of clinical microbiology.2013

      3- prevalence of thrombocytopenia in patient who admited to the intensive care unit and its relation to bacterial sepsis, 27th international congress of pediatrics.2015

      4- Prevalence of streptococcus pyogenes infection in children aged between 2 to 15 years with acute tonsilopharyngitis in khorramabad and its antibiogram, , 10th international Iranian congress of clinical microbiology.2016

      5- Evaluation of platelats in inflammation ,infectious,processes in children and its correlationnwith level of ESR  ,CRP in khorramabad, 28th international congress of pediatrics.2016

      6-- Evaluation of uti in patients admited to madany hospital for gastroenteritis, 9th international Iranian congress of clinical microbiology.2015



      2. Futuristic study of the frequency of septicism-relat features and factors in hospitalized patients in Shiraz namazy hospital. Journal of Clinical Research in Paramedical Sciences, Third Year, Fall 2014



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        8 - 10 o clock 10 -12 2-4    
      Saturday  rahimy hospital  "  "    
      Sunday  rahimy hospital  "  "    
      Monday  rahimy hospital  "  "    
      Tuesday  rahimy hospital  "  "    
      Wednesday  rahimy hospital  "  "    
      Thursday  rahimy hospital  "  "    
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