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      Medical Science Faculty.
      Work experiences :
      Teaching courses in community health care, one, two and three.
      Teaching nursing services management unit.
      Teaching a specialized language unit in the field of nursing.
      Teaching the principles of midwifery health services management.
      Teaching health unit 3 medicine and principles of medical health services.
      Teaching the unit of principles of health services in the field of pharmacy.
      Teaching social dental units, familiarity with the health system, center management, educational technology, communication skills of dental technicians.
      Teaching units of Geriatrics, Clinical Governance, Social Dentistry 1, Social Dentistry 2, Sociology of Health, Oral Health, Oral Health Economics, Oral Health and Tobacco
      Specialities and Proficiencies :

       Health education&health promotion

      Research interests :

       Health problems in all age groups, prevention of social issues (addiction, infectious diseases, divorce, etc.) Application of models in health education of all ages, factories, etc.

      Weekly plan :
        8 - 10 o clock 10 -12 2-4    
      Saturday   Principles of Health Services, Department of Medicine A      
      Sunday     Oral health and smoking    
      Tuesday     Social Dentistry 1    
      Wednesday   Principles of Health Services, Department of Medicine.B Social Dentistry 2    
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