• Department of Medical Biotechnology


      As an interdisciplinary major that utilizes various sciences, particularly genetic engineering, biotechnology has been of significant contribution to humanity. The technical application of biotechnology commenced in the nineteenth century. Scientist have gradually reached similar concepts with regard to the definition of biotechnology. Nevertheless, experts and scientists have proposed their distinctive definitions of biotechnology that might stem from the nature of biotechnology. The wide application of biotechnology in the 21st century significantly affects a wide range of subjects, including economy, health, treatment, environment, education, agriculture, industry, and other aspects of human life. Although the wide scope of its application complicates its definition, biotechnology could be defined as a branch of science that uses scientific and technical procedures to convert certain substances by the help of biologic agents such as microorganisms, cells and enzymes for their use in food industries, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries. Medical biotechnology refers to the use of organisms and living systems to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Biotechnology contributes to world health via the production of recombinant drugs and vaccines, less expensive and safer therapeutic procedures, and the prompter and more effective diagnosis of diseases. The domination of scientists and researchers over biotechnology can provide solutions to medical challenges.

      The Department of Biotechnology of LUMS was established in 2017 at the School of Medicine as an independent department to satisfy the needs of the healthcare system in Iran and to train competent experts. We commenced our work recruiting students applying for the MSc of biotechnology. There are different career paths for the alumni of biotechnology to pursue:

      ü  Research centers and institutes

      ü  Knowledge-based companies

      ü  Incubator centers and science and technology parks

      ü  The pharmaceutical industry


      The occupational responsibilities of alumni for the MSc of biotechnology:

      ·         Executive Responsibilities:


      ü  Contributing to the production of drugs, vaccines, foodstuffs, and eco-friendly products

      ü  Conducting laboratory tests concerning the assessment and standardization of biologic products


      ·         Research Responsibilities:


      ü  Participation in the research projects organized by the healthcare system, organizations, and research centers

      ü  Participation in the publication and registration of the conducted researches

      ü  Contributing to the registration of inventions and innovations


      ·         Educational Responsibilities:


      ü  Teaching the staff of organizations that employ them

      ü  Participation in the educational projects dealing with medical biotechnology

      ü  Cooperating with authorities of the healthcare system to develop instructions for clinical governance


      The major goals set by the Department of Medical Biotechnology:

      Updating the lesson plans and course plans of medical biotechnology and improving the quality of education

      Preparing and implementing the international standards of biotechnology research

      Establishing the research laboratory of biotechnology

      Improving the research operation and activities through establishing advanced research groups


      The values we honor:

      Adherence to occupational ethics

      Commitment to meritocracy

      Utilization of national resources

      Adherence to human rights


      Head of the Department: Dr. Hasan Ahmadvand

      Academic Rank: Professor of Medical biochemistry

      Faculty Members:


      Academic Rank


      Dr. Hasan Ahmadvand



      Dr. Farnaz Kheirandish



      Dr. Farhad Shahsavar



      Dr. Hamed Esmaeil Lashgarian

      assistant professor


      Dr. Sadegh Rezapour

      associate professor


      Dr. Hasan Dariushnejad

      associate professor


      Dr. Mostafa Moradi Sarabi

      associate professor


      Dr. Mohsen Mohammadi

      Assistant professor



      Contact Us:

      Address: Number 128, the first floor, School of Medicine, Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, Kamalvand Campus, Khorramabd, Iran.

      Email: maryam_karkhane@hotmail.com

      Phone Number: +98-066-33120133

      Fax Number: +98-066-33120133


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