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      We exist to train knowledgeable, disciplined, and righteous researchers and physicians. Authorities at the School of Medicine intend to train competent physicians characterized by proficiency and diligence. We are committed to providing our students with the latest approaches to medical education, for the ultimate aim of medical education at this school is to educate knowledgeable physicians and specialists and to encourage them to become highly adept and responsible at healing their patients. Moreover, we are obliged to provide the people with inexpensive and at once perfect medical services not only to heal patients but also to prevent the spread of diseases in the society.

      To promote the health status of the society, School of Medicine is involved in medical education, research and treatment. Education procedure at this school comprises the latest approaches to medical education designed and planned based on international standards. Several academic centers, educational hospitals and laboratories are used by our faculty members and researchers who endeavor to educate competent, assiduous and responsible physicians. We are committed to providing our staff and students with the required facilities and a peaceful environment that contribute to the accomplishment of our sublime mission. Our alumni are employed in medical centers and hospitals, where they significantly participate in therapeutical processes. We strictly follow the tenets and criteria specified in the Iranian Vision 2025 Document in which research, innovation and knowledge are highly valued. Moreover, human dignity is of high significance for us. Based on the Islamic precepts that we appreciate and honor, human rights and the well-being of the entire people are considered sublime values regarded with great respect. Likewise, we have set several goals for the School of Medicine that give our faculty members, researchers and students a long-term vision. These goals include, though are not limited to, the following items:

      Training skillful and knowledgeable physicians and researchers who contribute to the maintenance and promotion of physical, mental and psychological health of the people covered by LUMS

      Endeavoring to observe justice in the distribution of healthcare and educational services

      Following religious criteria and values determined for education and research

      Raising the ranking of 

      the School of Medicine in the list of Iranian medical schools to make it one of the greatest academic centers of Iran

      Promoting the status of the School of Medicine in Medical Research

      Participation in international medical gatherings and congresses to present LUMS as a leading medical center

      Influencing the long-term policies of medical education within Iran


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