• Duties



      We are supposed to contribute to the improvement of medical education in Lorestan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services via the participation of experts in medical education and application of scientific methods as follows:

      1) Giving consultative services for reviewing and preparing lesson plans, which are in proportion to both social requirements and occupational duties of learners.

      2) Expanding the knowledge, vision and skills of faculty members in the scopes of teaching, evaluation and research.

      3) Designing, conducting, and evaluating the continuing medical education courses in order to update the knowledge and skills of medical

      4) Assessment and evaluation of performance in university lecturers in terms of their legitimate duties and latitudes.

      5) Giving consultative and educational services to university lecturers and other persons who need these services, and persuading them to participate in doing research projects concerning medical education.

      6) Managing the evaluation processes and plans, and also standardization and accreditation in the educational system of the university, and finally offering the related consultative services.

      7) Offering occupational services and preparing some of the educational and welfare facilities via the participation of related centers in the university in order to improve the indexes of performance and educational progress in students, and expand the knowledge and multipurpose skills in honor students (exceptional talents).

      8) Designing, performing and evaluating educational curses of clinical skills for students of General Medicine.

      9) Offering limited media services to university lecturers and organizersof educational programs and academic congresses in the university.

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