• Affiliated Units



      1) Educational Planning Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Shirin Ghazi
      - Aims: Improving the quality of education in all levels of medical sciences, reviewing and preparing educational plans, identifying educational needs and reviewing course plans and lesson plans.

      2) Faculty Members Promotion Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Samira Sepahvandi
      - Aims: Improving the quality of teaching and research activities in the university via enhancing the knowledge and skill of faculty members in the realms of teaching, research, and other related subjects.

      3) Evaluation Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Zahra Rahimi
      - Aims: Evaluating the faculty members in terms of education, research, and  management
      - Issuing the annual assessment of faculty members

      4) Research in Education Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Shahin Raoofi (a faculty member)
      - Aims: Contributing to the recognition of analysis of educational system- planning and evaluating educational interventions via enhancement and application of practical research plans in education.

      5) Standardization and Internal Evaluation Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Rezvan Batebi
      - Aims: Contributing to the improvement of quality, and standardization of education in educational departments, schools, and the educational system of the university via developing and managing the internal evaluation processes in the educational centers of the university based on academic principles and instructions of  Ministry of Health and Medical Education- giving consultative services for making amendments based on the results of evaluation- reevaluation, external assessment; and accreditation.

      6) Exceptional Talents Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Tavakol Moradi
      - Aims: The main aim of this unit, which relies on the participation of students, is improving the indexes of performance and education progress. We also try to direct and confirm the flourish and enhancement of talents and multiple abilities among honor students.

      7) Medical Teaching Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Rezvan Batebi
      - Aims: This unit focuses on training the students in non-hospital locations. We try to recognize problems of society, and fulfill the common requirements of society in both urban and rural health centers. This unit initiated its activity in Khorramabd Health Care Center, No 9; in 2010. Medical students have faced patients infected with common diseases in health centers during these years. The center started its work with the help of Internal Diseases Department and Pediatrics Department of the university.

      8) Clinical Skills Unit (Skill Lab):

      - Official in Charge: Dr. Ali Mohammad Mosadegh
      - Aims: Improving communicative skills and the ability of taking case history of patients by students in clinical wards, improving physical examination skills in students, improving students’ knowledge in different subjects and admission to clinical wards, improving clinical reasoning in the face of patients’ diseases, changing students’ attitudes and admission to clinical wards are emphasized. Clinical skills are discussed in their packages during ICM courses. Students participate in a two-hour session, at least once a week, in which clinical skills are taught by general practitioners. Students are divided to groups of four and five persons and learn clinical skills with medical education equipments (anatomical models, etc.) and simulated patient.

      9) Electronic Education Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Leila Rooein
      - Aims: supervising the performance of electronic education web application program via regular visits for checking the proper performance of the website, updating it and finally pursuing logistical contracts with Seven Solution Firm for the purpose of fulfilling educational needs.

      10) Information Technology Unit:

      - Official in Charge: Bahman Hasanzadeh
      - Aims: The main aim of this unit is providing the required space and equipments for faculty members in order to enable them to connect to the internet and obtain new information in the realm of medical education. They can use our media and computers.

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