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      The research for constructing The One Hundred Bed Hospital, Khorramabad started in 1965. An American Firm (Jeser) was chosen as the contractor in 1968, and the hospital was founded in 1971 in a 40000 square meter piece of land and on infrastructure of 100000 square meters. Having the following wards, this  hospital initiated its activity in 1973: infectious diseases (30 beds), general surgery (30 beds), obstetrics and gynecology (22 beds), ENT and ophthalmology (10 beds), pediatrics (11 beds), infants (21 beds), emergency (60beds), recovery (6 beds), medical imaging, laboratory of the clinic, nurses dormitory (for 60 persons), students dormitory (for 60 persons), Physiotherapy, and ministerial building. The hospital is currently almost keeping its initial structure. Having more than 20 bedridden wards and more than 350 beds, it is providing services more than its capacity.

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